A pixelated self portrat of Brendan Finlayson

Hi, I'm Brendan, A Multidisciplinary Design Leader.

Portland (Oregon) born, Oakland (California) based.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of product or brand design teams in many different industries during the last 20+ years, including a wide variety of in-house and agency teams.

As a designer, I’ve worked on a few big brand’s products and services like Nike+, NikeID, digital and real-world retail spaces; Jawbone’s first website; GoPro’s retail web, digital, and physical experiences; The North Face’s web and in-store shopping experiences; and Oakley’s Interactive product guides.

For the past seven years as a manager, I’ve grown and led in-house teams to build products, tools, processes, and overall design capabilities from varying levels of scratch. 

I’ve worked to simplify some pretty big and complex ecosystems like Zume’s (and Zume Pizza’s) food production products, ordering apps, and semi-autonomous food trucks. I’ve also built teams around smaller experiences like Tend’s international banking app and, most recently, Guile’s booking app specifically for barbers and their clients.

top stuff I'm pretty good at

Design Leadership

Design Systems


User Research/Maps

UI/UX Design

Mobile/Web Apps

Visual Design

Design Hiring

Mentor & Growth

Team Management

Project Management

Product Development

Strategy Development

Creative Direction


Environment Design

Brand/Identity Design

Packaging Design

Photo & Video Direction


Sound Design/Synthesis

Adobe Creative Suite


Google Suite




Ableton Live

stuff I live by
  1. Know your users, audiences, and business.

  2. Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat.

  3. How it works is just as valuable as how it looks.

  4. Cultivate emotional safety.

  5. Nurture Alignment.

  6. Lead from behind and with a sense of humor.

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